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Virtual Terminal

An Internet based replacement for the traditional “PDQ” style manual card terminal, a Virtual Terminal is an online login area for you to process your credit and debit card payments manually without having to use an electronic “PDQ” terminal.

It includes all the functionality of a traditional terminal such as refunds etc but with a lot more besides, for example, you can perform fraud checks prior to processing the payment.

The virtual terminal is particularly useful if:

  • You have multiple operators inputting card payments.
  • You want to be able to process payments from any location.
  • You want extra fraud checks not available with many “PDQ” terminals.
  • You want a comprehensive database of payments made.
  • You want to keep your existing web site checkout system (if you have one).
  • You want to save the costs of terminal rental.

Please note: The virtual terminal is designed for Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments, it is not suitable for Card holder Present situations such as in a shop. It is a completely “standalone” solution, you cannot link it directly to your website. If you want a complete checkout/payment system for your website, please see our eCOM Packages

What will I need?

All you need to use the service is a computer with an Internet connection, as the virtual terminal is accessed using a standard Internet browser or an iPhone or Smartphone. You will also need an Internet merchant number from your bank. If you already process card payments using a PDQ terminal you just need an additional merchant number for Internet transactions from your acquiring bank. If you have never accepted card payments before contact us to take advantage of our preferential merchant account rates.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for up to date pricing for the Virtual Terminal.

Please note: We DO NOT charge for failed transactions.

To get started, please contact your merchant acquiring bank using the phone numbers below, and ask them for An Internet merchant number, for use with payment service provider “Universal Payment Gateway (UPG)”. Once you have your Internet merchant number, complete our application form and we will set up your virtual terminal. If you have any questions, or wish to discuss preferential rates our partner banks could offer, please contact us.