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Integrated Solutions and Technology Partners

Integrated Solutions

Integral to the success of our business has been our ability to carefully select a number of extremely professional and innovative partners who share in our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence.

Developed over ten years, our technology platform in particular provides the back-bone of our business, helping to securely process millions of transactions for UK merchants every year to an extremely high standard of quality, resilience and reliability.

However, our success is based on more than just technology, it’s about providing complete customer solutions, building key relationships with industry partners that will shape industry best practice for our customers.

Anti Fraud Solutions

We maintain robust industry standards to help merchants mitigate the risks associated with card related fraud. However, fraudsters are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their activities and our focus has been to work with the industry and key partners to develop enhanced fraud and identity management solutions for our customers. Using the latest innovations in technology which include biometrics, geo-location tracking, IP location tracking, document validation and verification, all linked to highly sophisticated decisioning tools, we are able to significantly increase the confidence of our merchants when they are accepting payments from customers across the globe.

Security and Website Verification

Shopping on the internet has significant increased and continues to grow exponentially. Our merchant’s customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their understanding of both the benefits and risks associated with shopping on-line and fundamental to maintaining confidence is an ability to reassure consumers that the site theyare shopping at is secure. We provide a range of site verification solutions specifically designed for this purpose, helping merchants to maintain their brand reputation and drive revenue. From Extended Validation SSL Certificates to domain name services to identity protection, we can provide a comprehensive spectrum of products and services that help a growing number of organisations and individuals to communicate and conduct commerce with confidence


We have invested significantly in high capacity, high availability and fully resilient data centres, all configured to our own exacting standards and to fully comply with PCI:DSS regulations. We bring all of this to our merchants as ‘part of the service’, giving them complete confidence in our capability to keep their transactions flowing. However, we also provide stand alone data centre solutions to organisations that appreciate and recognise our reputation for resilience and stability.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programmes

We provide a complete range of gift card and loyalty solutions to help organisations increase their brand awareness and loyalty and drive revenue. From bespoke card design and customisation, point of sale software applications and hardware and detailed customer data analysis and reporting, we can deliver a complete solution across a spectrum of organisations, not just large corporate merchants.

White labelled PSP solution

The Secure Hosting and Payments PCI:DSS Total Outsourced Solution for Internet provides you with a dedicated web server hosted within our secure data centre. Secure Hosting and Payments will produce a branded payment and branded receipt page for use with the servers. At the point when a cardholder wishes to ‘pay’, your website will simply re-direct to the Secure Hosting and Payments servers where the card data is input, authorisation sought, and a transaction response generated. At no time will card data be passed to your systems, providing complete peace of mind.
For those that wish to retain cardholder data on their own systems, Secure Hosting and Payments offers fast IP connectivity for transferring E-Commerce transactions to the acquiring banks of your choice.

Contact Centre card processing

Secure Hosting and Payments offers fast and effective card processing solutions for your Mail Order and Telephone ordering and specialise in providing flexible scalable solutions for Contact Centre clients. From small merchants operating a simple ‘Virtual Terminal’ from home, right up to multi-site, high user sales and service facilities processing high transaction volumes, Secure Hosting and Payments offers a choice of Call Centre solutions.

Mail Order Specialist Payments

We offer a range of bespoke solutions particularly for the mail order and telephone order industry, enabling merchants to process in real time or via batch processed solutions.

Supporting Payment Service Providers (PSP’s)

Enabling Payment Services Providers to exploit their sales and marketing expertise without having to make a multi-million pound investment in compliant technology and infrastructure, enables them to go to market quickly, whilst benefiting from Secure Hosting and Payments’ significant skills and expertise in the payment card industry. We have developed strong relationships with a range of PSP’s operating in high growth markets such as charitable giving and insurance.

Integrated Solution Partners

GB Group

Providing Secure Hosting and Payments and its merchants with customer identity and data management solutions

Spire Payments

Providing Secure Hosting and Payments with flexible, scalable, point of sale transaction management devices including Chip and PIN terminals and mobile payment processing capabilities.

Open GIProviding a service to all types of brokers selling Personal and Commercial Lines Insurance through high street branches or call centres, Open GI fully manage payments to multiple banks, card and payment networks by validating, authorising and processing credit and debit card payments.