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EPoS and Tokenisation


Offering Merchants fast and efficient ways of trading with customers, EPoS solutions help improve
the commerciality of your business, recording your sales, stock and customer data. More importantly,
we enable merchants to focus on core business whilst we seamlessly transfer, install and test all
devices across your retail estate, ensuring continual trading and maintained revenues. With the removal
of manual keying of amounts, daily reconciliation and staff security is much improved.

The problem with linking a till to a chip and pin terminal, has been the costs and
security concerns of the PCI:DSS standard. By passing card numbers through a till system, as they
are routed to the bank, puts the whole of the till system in scope for PCI:DSS which is a specialist
security standard for the card industry and can cost thousands of pounds to maintain.
Our system allows all the benefits of integration and removes the burden of PCI:DSS.

Secure Hosting and Payments have developed software in conjunction with the UK’s leading retail groups, to allow EPoS
terminals to be integrated to the chip and pin terminals, but have the security managed via a direct
communication route to our secure data centre. Transactions are typically completed in less than 1
second and use a normal business broadband connection (saving huge amounts of time and money on dial up charges,
when compared to slow traditional dial up authorisations).

There are two ways to process a payment for a till in a shop.
The most common way is to keep the systems separate and enter the payment amount directly
into the card machine, the other method is for the till to send the payment amount
to the machine automatically; we offer both solutions.


Lots of merchants know a great deal about their online customers,
but very little about the in-store customers. Historically merchants have
used the credit card number as a data key to join up the behaviours of the same
cardholder to give a single customer view. The use of the card number has been outlawed by
recent regulation and this leaves a gap in a company’s customer strategy.
We offer a service, whereby we convert the card number in to a token using extremely secure industry
algorithms, we apply the same rules to the web transactions and
the store transactions; furthermore we send the information to customers marketing databases live.
Removing the need for daily data builds and allowing for “IMM” (In the Moment Marketing),
whereby marketing triggers can send messages to cardholders for offers before they leave the shop!

The software is completely independent of the banking systems, allowing you to change
terminals and even banks, without affecting the EPoS systems. The system supports both .net and java
systems to ensure you are prepared for the future.

Joining up the dots

Incorporated into our service offering, we provide dedicated account management,
professional support and full project management, including but not limited to

  • Providing a fully managed outsourced service that brings payment infrastructure and retail estate
    out of scope under current and anticipated future PCI:DSS regulatory requirements as
    imposed by the Banks & Card Schemes.
  • Provides a fully functional platform to allow merchants to deploy a
    viable gift and/or loyalty offering to customers at point of sale.
  • Enabling tokenisation of card data to work across the retail estate removing any
    concerns over PCI:DSS compliance.