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Are you looking to take card payments for the very first time, or are you already trading and looking for a better deal on your card processing?

With an excellent reputation and commitment to working with our clients and payment partners, we are able to offer industry leading products and services to our customers.

Ensuring payments are processed up to 10 times faster than normal credit card terminals, our innovative range of chip and pin machines fulfil the latest stringent PCI security standards.

Integrated EPoS solutions offer you a fast and effective way of trading with your customers as well as recording you sales, stock and customer data.

A choice of features enables you to customise your account to suit not only your requirements but those of your customers.

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Secure Hosting and Payments


Secure Hosting & Payments - efficient and reliable card processing.

With online purchasing becoming more prominent across the globe, it is essential that merchants have access to the most efficient, reliable and secure payment solutions possible. Here at Secure Hosting & Payments, we recognise the genuine need for safe payment card processing for the likes of Mail & Telephone orders (MoTo), online ecommerce processing and the evolving need for mobile credit card acceptance. We strive to offer merchants a superior customer service during the development and implementation of their website. Our dedicated account managers and customer support team can help you understand which services are best suited to your business. We then work with your team to make sure it is integrated and delivered first time, on time.

A superior payment gateway

For those new to the world of merchant services, a payment gateway is the vital link between a website and the bank; with over ten years experience we specialise in providing payment processing for online retailers and e-businesses. At Secure Hosting & Payments, we pride ourselves on being one of the largest and longest established independent payment gateways; a true partner that you can rely on. We have a deep understanding for the growing requirement of credit card processing and the importance of processing secure payments online. We are committed to providing only the most robust comprehensive payment solution to our clients. It is vital when choosing your payment gateway that you have a partner you can trust, so that any information that passes between the consumer, merchant and payment processor is completely secure. By choosing Secure Hosting & Payments, you will be working with the number one online payment gateway in the UK with unparalled experience in the market, so you can rest assured your business' payment solutions are in safe hands.

New to payment processing?

It can be somewhat daunting when first trying to establish your business' online strategy and safely integrating credit card merchant services, as there is often a lot of information to process and several steps that need to be undertaken. However, at Secure Hosting & Payments, we endeavour to make the payment processing setup as simple and streamlined as possible so you can start trading as soon as possible. Some of our clients have integrated their payment solution into their websites in a little under one hour, using our integration tools and first class technical support. There are 3 steps to accepting payments online: Setting up a Merchant Acquiring account, selecting a Payment Gateway and integrating with your website.

1. Merchant Account

The first step to setting up payment processing is to sign up for a merchant account, a financial contract with an acquiring bank that will enable you to take credit card payments online or over the telephone. Your bank will charge you a small fee for setting up the account and then an on-going charge for each transaction. If you want advice on these services or an introduction to a friendly bank, just give us a call. At Secure Hosting & Payments we work with all the major high street banks and our close partnerships with the banks will help you secure the best rates available to you.

2. The Payment Gateway

The next step is to connect your website to your merchant account over the internet using a payment gateway, and that's where our payment solutions come in. The banks often don't provide the modern technology required to support the rapidly evolving needs of today's ecommerce websites. Instead, they recommend approved payment service providers such as Secure Hosting & Payments as the experts in this area. The bank will always settle your funds and pay you directly, we never handle your money, we just manage the security and the clever technology. To put it simply, we're just the secure messenger.


3. Website Integration

The final step is to include a shopping cart or order form to allow customers to add products to their 'basket' before continuing on to the secure payment processing stage. Our systems are compatible with most third party software and our team of specialists are always happy to help you chose and integrate the right shopping cart for your website's needs. We can even integrate your own custom carts if need be. Once these three stages are complete, you can begin to take online credit card payments. At Secure Hosting & Payments we pride ourselves on customer service making sure we support you every step of the way.

Understand the need for secure payments

As ecommerce becomes increasingly more popular, the need for enhanced security and robust systems to take payments becomes ever increasingly essential. Whether your products and services cost £1 or £1 million, you need to ensure that you can securely manage your customer's payment information; safely processing their payments at all times. The Payment Card Industry has introduced strict Data Security Standards (PCI: DSS) that have to be adhered to. These regulations are designed to protect cardholders' information from fraudsters and you from fines levied against unsecure sites and potential data breaches through hacking. We are one of only a few UK payment gateways to have achieved full PCI accreditation to the very highest level of PCI:DSS Tier 1 and to the latest standard. Using our secure payment services means you don't have to worry about the associated cost of compliance, whilst you benefit from the highest levels of security, online processing can offer. We keep you safe with a huge investment in system security across multiple data centers' in the UK. By ensuring secure payment processing, all information between the customer, merchant and payment processor will pass the highest levels of SLA encryption, so that your customer's details remain safe in watertight security.

Secure Hosting & Payments - a full range of merchant services and payment solutions

At Secure Hosting & Payments, we are proud to offer our merchants a comprehensive selection of payment solutions to cater for every possible processing requirement, allowing our customers to trade how they want to trade. As well as offering credit card processing services to ensure secure payments, we also provide authentication services, anti-fraud tools, SSL certificates and bespoke development for virtual terminals and MOTO solutions, allowing companies to take advantage of our ever-expanding range of e-services. Our experienced and dedicated team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and deliver a solution that works best for you, as well as listen to any new business development ideas you may have. Whatever your business needs you can rest assured that Secure Hosting & Payments will meet your payment challenges head on.